Hi, my name is Rosemarie Simons, (Rose) to my friends. Like you, I try to take care of myself health wise, but I wasn’t always sure what to believe or who to believe in when it came to healthcare advice. Being married for close to 45 years, with 2 grown daughters, caring for elderly parents for 30 of those years, not to  mention numerous financial and health issues to deal with along the way, I think I can safely say with confidence:”Been there and done that”.

I have been gluten free for ten years. The six months it took me to figure that gluten was a problem is a story in itself. Needless to say losing 30 lbs. in 6 months looked good to everyone else but I wouldn’t advise it as a credible weight loss plan. Explosive diarrhea 2 times within 20 minutes of ingesting 1 molecule of gluten … not fun. But that’s under control now.

Ten months ago, (and after a couple of years of high stress), I had gained 20 lbs. and looked as though I was pregnant. As if to say “enough is enough” I developed Vitlago. ( That’s where your bodies immune system attacks your melanin in your skin and you get white spots that won’t tan.) This is where the story gets interesting. I go to the Dr. and ask why am I this way. She says lets do blood work, as we never have before. OK, so the lab results come back, (wait for it), and she says I’m perfect across the board, I don’t have Vitlago, and to basically go away. This made me upset at the waste of time and money, for what?

I had learned a long time ago that the current healthcare system is broken and we are on our own as to learning what’s needed for optimal health. It definitely has been a long, arduous journey that I’m sure you can relate to. I had been reading about Functional Medicine Practitioners ( Doctors that drill down to try and figure out why and how to fix problems like mine) and located one and made an appointment. Remember that anything that might help you will probably not be covered by insurance at least here in Florida. So I paid for everything out of pocket, (close to $1000 by the time I had done the recommended tests) but I got my answers and am on my way to feeling human again. (I’ve lost 17 lbs, have not developed any more spots and am slowly being able to add offending foods back in my diet). (My husband has lost 10 lbs. also following the same protocol.) I have learned a lot about health because of dealing with issues as they came up throughout my life. This learning experience was and is the “icing on the cake”. Being a massage therapist these last 15 yrs. has allowed me to assist others physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally. Now I feel confident that I can help you to get started on your healthcare journey. Call me to make an initial appointment (90 min.) now and we’ll get started. 

With over 30 years of experience in helping people with healthcare issues. My programs are unique and educational. They include painless sports massage to address carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, and tennis elbow. I am able to help release the lower back through Shiatsu stretching and loosen tight muscles body wide with NRT. (Neural Reset Therapy)

I graduated from the Soothing Arts School of Massage in 2002 and have been an instructor for Traditional Chinese Medicine there till present. My Florida license number is MA36899.

I use my hands, elbows, or forearms and sometimes feet to help with relaxation, stress, and pain management. Pain can also cause undue stress, which affects how you perform in your daily work and home duties. Contact Rose’s Health and Wellness for more information on massages, stress management, and pain management.

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Thank you!

Thank you Rose for seeing the wife on such short notice. It was truly an enlightening experience. Not only for the physical stimulation but also for the mental stimulation. Your knowledge of so many different disciplines regarding diet, physiology and the inner workings of the human mind and body make you truly a unique choice for those who are looking for relief for their pain and suffering. It is no mystery why clients drive hundreds of miles for your touch and advice.

Glad I could help your wife on short notice!

1/2 hr in the Far Infrared Sauna is a wonderful way to beat the cold and detox!

  1. Just had my first sauna spa treatment. Very relaxing and feel great

I enjoy it myself, especially because my head is outside the tent and I’m laying down relaxing in semidarkness listening to soothing music. Sometimes I have a sugar or salt scrub just before, then after the sauna I cool down with a nice chlorine free shower. Rose

Lymphatic Drainage to the rescue!

My husband has been suffering with edema for several month. After one lymphatic massage he's 10lbs lighter and we can see his ankles for the first time in 9 months.

Glad I could help! With regular treatments we’ll have him down to where he should be weight wise and his immune system working as it should. Keep up the good work with the suggested diet and supplements. Rose

by Natalie A. Almand on Rose's Health and Wellness Center
Natalie A.

I would highly recommend Rose Simons massage to anyone. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. The massage was out of this world. Relaxing stress releasing. The massage oils and music. Was just as good. Made my day.

by Ronald D Reeves on Rose's Health and Wellness Center
Finally long lasting relief!

I am a 66 year old male who has had a condition known as ankalosing spondylitis for 50 years. This condition has fused my entire spinal column, giving rise to severe arthritis in my left hip, a tightening and drawing of muscles and ligaments which results in painful injuries. Because of all the inflammation , drawing and cramps I look like a question mark. I have seen the benefit to a limited degree of massage therapy over the past 16 years, so upon moving to DeFuniak Springs, Fl awhile ago, I set out to find a new massage therapist.
Rose has been treating me now for only 6 months/ 6 treatments. These are not your typical massage treatments. I believe that she has assisted my body to raise my consistently low HDL to a level higher than the minimum recommended by doctors. She has been able to remove significant pain levels in my left hip surrounding tissues.She is the only one who has been able to increase my hand grip. In my judgment, Rose has a better understanding of my entire body systems than any therapist whose services I have received in the past years.
Simply put, if your body is hurting, make an appointment to see Rose. You will be glad you did.

I am a photographer and I have to carry a heavy camera/lens/flash several days a week. It puts a lot of pressure on my wrist and forearm. I've recently been weaker and weaker in my right hand as a result, but one visit with Rose has helped me tremendously. That was about a month ago, and I'm still doing well. Rose is very personable and will listen to you and explain everything she is doing. She is extremely knowledgable. Thank you, Rose, for everything!

I can't express how happy I am now that my shoulder isn't killing me!! I've been going to therapy for weeks but the muscle was not getting better. Rose used techniques and took her time explaining to me why I wasn't getting better. She gave me relief in just under an hour and I am beyond thrilled. THANK YOU!!

I told Rose that my hands hurt and that every morning when I get up, my hands are numb and tingly. If I sleep to long my hands feel like clubs as if they did not belong to me. She did a little test on my hands and told me that it was possibly carpal tunnel. Well I thought .....carpal tunnel was just a catch phrase for everything and anything for wrist pain......Well, to my delight, I woke up the next morning, with no tingling in my fingers. The next three mornings, the same thing. The 4th morning I had a little bit of tingling and I kind of did what she told me to do, (not exactly).... but it worked!
I have suffered for a few years with this pain and I am just ecstatic to be keeping it under control. She didn't just fix it and tell me to be on my way, she told me how to control it if and when it returned. And yes, it did return yesterday morning and I did the little exercise she told me to do and this morning no pain!... It must feel good to see how you help people. Thank you Rose. 😉

EASE really works!

The EASE magnesium spray has done wonders for my neck and shoulders. I spray some on in the morning and before bed and the tension melts away. Sounds too good to be true but it really works. My husbands leg cramps have also disappeared with the use of EASE. Thanks Rose for checking these products out and sharing them with us.

What a relief!

I met Rose at work about a month a go. She had me take my wrist support off which I had been wearing forever.She then worked on my hand, forearm and wrist. I have not had to wear a wrist support since that day.

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